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About Me

I'm Chris Hennessey. My artwork consists of digital and traditional mediums exploring the balance between reality and the surreal. Often incorporated is a bridge between realism with subtle oddities in a composition to bring the viewer into an odd state of consciousness. My art is not always profound, nor does it need to attempt to make a statement in order for me to be satisfied with what I’m creating. My goal is to create mood, and to pull the viewer into an odd world, for however brief a time. I think it is important, whether it be through visual art, literature, or music, to step out of our reality every day and appreciate the unreal and impossible.


My inspirations are, in one word, diverse. They range from classic Renaissance paintings (the texture of the painted skin in particular is something I love), to avant garde fashion (creating a physical space on the body that can unsettle the senses fascinates me), to abstract photography, and countless contemporary artists. I am drawn to vibrant, out-of-this-world color schemes, as well as extremely low key, subtle and distant black and white works, especially in photography. Recently, I’ve been particularly enamored by ‘70s to ‘90s Japanese graphic design, eroguro (erotic-grotesque), as well as a budding interest in watercolor artists. Anything that grasps the senses and perplexes the viewer is my inspiration.